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Fiabilandia, the magic word for a fairy-tale holiday with your children!

If you are looking for an idea where to enjoy yourself with your children, spend a  great day out visiting the Fiabilandia amusement park in Rimini and you will immediately see that, as if by magic, a smile will appear of your children’s faces.

We know that fairy tales are an useful and enjoyable tool to come into contact with the world of children and to allow them to experience the pleasure of a day spent together with the whole family. This is a special way of making your holidays in the Romagna Riviera unforgettable.

You can enjoy all the entertainment of the theme park including shows andamusementsfor children and families that are situated less than two kilometres from the Hotel Ervill. Here is how to get there!

Enjoy yourself like a child, together with your children

Even before attending the live shows with fairy-tale settings, explore the theme park and try the various attractions dedicated to the world of Peter Pan, to the Far West and the Indians.

And, last but not least, discover the three things that must not be missed in Fiabilandia, regardless of your age:

  • Navigating on the Fiaby Boat on Bernardo Lake
  • Letting yourselves become enchanted by Merlin’s Castle
  • Sliding on the water with the Castoria trunks

A fabulous amusement park for younger children

Surrounded by the greenery of Fiabilandia, children will find attractions created especially for them and which are completely safe for them to go on alone because these amusements have been designed in order to allow them a little bit of independence. Here are just a few of them:

  • The Horse Ride
  • Gnome Valley
  • The Pinko Pallina play area
While the younger children personally invent stories and adventures, the adults can relax in the picnic area and enjoy the surrounding nature!
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See the route to reach Mirabilandia from our seaside hotel in Rimini.

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