Kids, are you ready?

At Ervill Hotel you will find a fabled world!

Kids, are you ready? At Ervill Hotel you will meet Merlin and the Piglet King that will take you in their fabled realm!
A realm full of exciting games every day and magic shows all evenings.
A realm where mum and dad don’t have to be worried about anything and kids always smile, as if by magic! A hotel where families coming to Rimini can chill out for real, just like in a fairy tale!

Our hotel caters for all children holidaying in Marebello and awaits you with a special fairy tale
to be experienced with us and lots of services every them, join us!

Room services

  • Cradle or baby cot
  • Side rails
  • Baby bathtubs
  • Potty

Restaurant services

  • High chairs
  • Placemats to be coloured
  • Baby cutlery, dishes and glasses
  • Fresh baby food
  • Baby menus
  • Meals at flexible hours

Hotel Services

  • A funny children’s mascot!
  • A large outdoor garden
  • Inflatable playground
  • Entertainment activities
  • Theme evenings
  • Ultra-sweet candyfloss!

Once upon a time there was a castle...

Delve into a dream, the fairy tale of King Merlin

Once upon a time there was a towering castle by the sea named REvill.
In this castle, a lonely King named Merlin was living alone.
Merlino was a quite weird King, very  good but also very goofy.
He did not have a wife or kids as he spent all his days in the castle’s basement where he had created a mysterious laboratory.
Don’t spread the word, but Merlin hid a secret no one had to know: he wanted at all costs to become a great Wizard!
Unfortunately, he was a King and as such he had much else to think about and could not waste his time with magic!
This is why he used to hide in his underground laboratory where he covertly spent entire days testing magic potions and studying magical formulas.
One day, while he was clumsily handling some magic ingredients, something went wrong. Really wrong! A gigantic explosion occurred, so gigantic that it was even heard in Bellaria and people from Riccione could hear that incredibly loud noise too.
What happened to King Merlin? He made a terrible mess, his magic had turned into a spell which transformed the King into a piglet.
REvill castle collapsed and only one part of it remained untouched, which later became the Hotel. The explosion even overturned the first letter of the castle’s name which is why, from that day on, REvill castle changed its name into ERvill Hotel.
Merlin, the Piglet King today lives happily in the Hotel garden and plays with all the kids swinging by.
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